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TBNPools is the Asia’s most sought after Sauna dealers, with an unbeatable reputation for quality, innovative design, prompt service and value for money. Having a vast experience in Sauna & Steam Sales and Sauna Repair in the region, we understand client’s requirements and deliver customized and bespoke design of Sauna, Steam and Jacuzzi giving you a memorable and relaxing Spa Experience.

Our Sauna products are high quality, dependable, energy saving and durable to handle a high humidity climate to give you the most relaxing and revitalizing Spa experience wherever you are.


Sauna, which originated in Finland directly translates to a ‘bath’ or ‘bathhouse’ and has been used for centuries to not only bathe but relax, unwind and heal, thus helping users with improved blood circulation, rejuvenation and natural healing.

With the advent of modern science and technology and more clients embracing the benefits of Sauna and Steam room, Traditional Sauna has been fast replaced with newer innovative Sauna products bringing you a more convenient rejuvenating experience at the comforts of your home or a Spa.

Benefits of Sauna

The benefits of Sauna are widely acclaimed worldwide for its healing and rejuvenating properties. Some of them are

  • Sauna bath helps to flush out toxins from the body as the Skin sweats out with the heat.
  • Sauna relaxes muscles and soothes joint aches and body pain.
  • Sauna helps in improved blood circulation.
  • Sauna beats Stress out of the body with its rejuvenating capabilities.
  • Sauna helps people with Insomnia greatly by relaxing the mind and inducing sleep.
  • Regular Sauna bath helps to improve immunity and fight illness, thus boosting your health tremendously.

TBNPools collaborate with the world’s leading Sauna Manufactures and Suppliers to bring a world class Sauna at affordable prices right at your doorstep.

Harvia Saunas

Harvia Saunas offer a comprehensive solution of high quality sauna to address the varying need of each customer. There are multiple options to choose from like Variant Sauna, Rodium Sauna and Rubic Sauna. Harvia designs are acclaimed globally for their unique design and distinct combinations of furnishings like Sauna Interiors, Sauna Doors and Windows, sauna heaters, lights, panels, decorative stone walls etc.

TBNPools is prominent dealer of Harvia Saunas in the Middle East Region for customizing and designing Saunas suitable for your specific needs, personal or commercial use. Customers can choose from Harvia Smart Fold Bathroom Model, Sirius Bathroom Sauna, Harvia Capella Bathroom Sauna or get it customized based on their requirements.

WaterJet Saunas

TBNPools brings to you Australia’s leading brand WaterJet Saunas, that are durable, efficient and therapeutic. With a Nordic wood finish, the WaterJet Saunas come in multiple dimensions and can be customized based on the individual’s requirements.

Steam Room

Choosing the right product for your Steam Rooms, every time.

TBNPools can help you with custom built Steam Rooms into any of your existing spaces with multiple options of aesthetic finishes for you to choose from, giving you the most stellar Steam Room Experience in your own eco zone..

It is our constant endeavor to promote only the best for our customers, that is why DEVATEC products are our ideal choice for Steam Room and other Accessories. With a convenient disposable or cleanable cylinder, plain stainless steel electrode, Devatec products are easy to maintain, user friendly and come in a wide range from 5 to 90 kg/h. With attractive features like sleek design, temperature controller, timer function, aroma therapy, sensor kits and nozzles, Bonn Sports brings you the perfect customization for your Steam rooms, both for home usage or a commercial usage like luxury spas or gyms or hotels.

Benefits of using a Steam Room after a Workout

Steam Rooms in Gyms have become very popular and more and more people prefer to use the Steam Room after an intense workout. Steam Rooms and Steam baths provide a holistic Steam Therapy thereby relaxing both the body and the mind after a power packed Cardio. Some of the benefits of Steam Therapy are

  • A Steam Bath after a workout can help your muscles relax and reduces chronic pain.
  • Steam bath works miracles on your skin, opening up pores and reinvigorating your skin to get a younger look.
  • Steam baths have proven to lower blood pressure.
  • Steam baths are believed to increase metabolism and aid in Weight loss.
How can TBNPools help you?

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